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Special Offer:   JOAN Put on a happy face available on Kindle Unlimited

'JOAN - Put on a Happy Face' by Carol M Mottershead is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week FREE TO READ only on Kindle Unlimited. What is the story about? Find out on

Added by Author Carol M Mottershead on 14/05/2022

Review: Custom ecommerce website design & Development Services c

Avoid like the plague

Reviewed by Peter Harrold on 15/10/2021

Review: Decor Rite

Terrible… avoid… interesting that the only other review is written by Helen Galey who is the wife of the decorator 🤷‍♂️

Reviewed by Stuart Robson on 23/09/2021

Review: Cleveland Hunt Kennels

What are Cleveland Hunt Kennels? Where is Guisborough? What is it, and thought you lived in Leeds, AL. How come I just received this information? Don’t you ever stay in one place, Cleveland? I don’t have your current phone # anymore after you and Linda started playing ring around the phone numbers. I tried to get it from Lucia again, but she did not answer my text. I told you about that before. She said I should not call you anymore, ever! That would be up to you and me should you think we need to stay in touch. Old friendships never die. I have learned this the hard way. I could say we both have. What are you doing now at age 80? Where do you live? Are you still struggling to stay married to Linda? It could have been different with us, Hunt, but you had a problem deciding where your heart should be. Sounds to be like you have decided that now. You did, and I did. We’re we wrong to seperate, or not? Kind of late now to start all over. It is also very hard🥲. Guess you, or somebody will get this note in the review that was requested. Perhaps, I should have ignored the text not being sure who sent it. I did not know if you ever received my last note to you that I said I sent to you out of friendship after Bill and I married. He vows he loves me and is too good to me. I’m sure I can be a pain in the ass sometimes. That is because I get confused as to whether, or not I made the correct choice this third time around. One would think I would know by now. Then, the past emerges again and I wonder. Write to me if you want at 517 East Main Street, Albertville, Al 35950. Actually, a phone call where we could talk would be better and more clearly understood where you really are coming from. I don’t know and that also is difficult for me. My cell (859) 324-0436 sometime when we can talk in privacy. Bill is leaving on hunting trip to moose hunt in Canada Setember 10 for 10 days. Hint hint. Excuse my mood today. I am not in a good one at all. I am confused as to what in the hell I should be doing and with whom. That is mostly your fault since words you wrote to me came back into my life. I wonder, did I make another mistake just as you apparently did a few years ago? It seemed you tried to get back in touch a few months ago, but was it too late, or not? Or, you don’t have to communicate with me at all. Your choice. Sorry, Hunt. This text re: Cleveland Kennels came on a bad day today. Maybe I should just drop dead. I need your text phone # too if you want me to have it. Writing letters does not seem to claify what either one of us is talking about. It’s kind of like playing with fire. Dee Dee

Reviewed by Dee Dee Hardaway Adams on 30/08/2021

Review: BlueSkyTechUK

I had a property that was under construction and contacted Blueskytechuk for aerial photos and a short video. Service was excellent, very professional and reliable. Definitely would recommend!

Reviewed by Claire Wilson on 28/04/2021

Review: Billingham Towbars

Great job done and very friendly would definitely recommend to friends and family

Reviewed by Ruth Hardie on 15/03/2021

Review: N S Joinery

Proceed with caution with this builder. Cannot recommend

Reviewed by Patricia Boynton on 21/09/2020

Review: Accountax Tees

I’m served by Accountax Tees, found them excellent and proficient in their working capabilities, give them a big recommendation to any one seeking a great accounts or tax consultancy

Reviewed by Bahaidin Ali Razaee on 04/07/2020